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“If only I could guarantee to get a great coffee, every day at work…”

That was the simple request which stirred the passion in Stray’s co-founder Mat, back in the very early noughties…

Stray’s is a family-owned and run business in the heart of historic Newark on Trent.

Originally a pet and grain store, Stray’s has been a well-known site in Newark for a long time. Now, it houses one of the busiest and most highly regarded businesses in town.

Our ethos is to provide top quality food and drink at fair prices. We are passionate about coffee, good food and great jazz. We’re partial to a good read too.

With enough seating to look after over 100 people, Stray’s is a small business at heart but we are constantly on the move. 2013 saw the end of the first year in our newly refurbished premises, when we purchased our final building, No.16 Middlegate.

Our unique coffee bar, eatery, jazz haven & bookshop rambles across no’s 16-20 Middlegate and round the corner into the cottages along Boar Lane.

The folks behind the business…

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Everyone on the team makes Stray’s what it is.

Managing Director Jane Oldfield is ‘Mum’ and is almost retired! Co-owners Liz Mack (Daughter) and Mat Short (Son) are here pretty much every day of the week, referring to Jane as ‘sis’ when in public!

In the coffee bar,  our top team consists of Graham, our senior barista and longest-standing member of the team. Liz runs food prep with Jackie & Jess (that’s a him, not a her, by the way).

Our coffee team continues with Sarah,  Ian (Captain Potwash), Debbie, Helena, Chloe, Ellen and Lucy. Saturdays see the addition of Dora and/or Ruby.

Then there’s Karen, Carol  and Debbie (with her other hat on) in the bookshop.

Mat works with Graham, ensuring the coffee offer stays it’s best. Mat also implements new systems and does the majority of the companies marketing.

Lizzie oversees the food side of the business and also makes the majority of the cakes we sell.

Graham, ‘Daddy G’ is our senior barista and longest-standing member of the team. Perfect coffee is his thing…

Sarah works on the floor and behind the servery and has been known to crack the whip with the floor team on occasion!

You may not see Ian much, but he’s the man who ensures the cup you’re drinking from is as shiny as can be! In charge of stores and dishwashing, Ian is also know as Captain Potwash!

Camera-shy Helena works the floor, keeping up the pressure on the rest of the team to make sure your order comes out as quickly as possible.

Chloe (Shenno) joined us in 2017 and is currently preparing to go to London Uni in September of this year.

Always smiling, Ellen was a customer before she worked with us.  Also going to Uni to study journalism, we’re not sure whether Ellen will be able to get over her shyness…

Lucy came from another local hospitality business in the early part of 2018.

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