Setting standards in Newark since 2003…

When Stray’s first opened, little did siblings Mat Short & Liz Mack know what they’d started!

The business is built on the mantra that we’ll make you “the best coffee you’ll have today” and we’ve been doing that since 2003.

We’ve become much more than just a coffee bar though, now considered one of Newark’s favourite places to eat, drink and feed your soul with great music.

All our food is made on site, fresh, daily by our in-house team. We buy produce from local suppliers and prepare it in our kitchens every day.
So, when you buy lunch at Stray's, you're eating freshly prepared food; supporting local businesses, who pay UK taxes and feeding the local families who in turn are feeding you!

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We’ve hosted some great artists since 2007, initially with the Newark Jazz Festival, followed by our Tapas and Jazz nights and Saturday Sessions. From July 2019 we’re proud to increase the lineup to quartets and quintets with our First Friday Evening Sessions…