Coffee Menu

Espresso – at the heart of every great coffee at Stray’s…

We’ve been making coffee since 2003. Our blend has been refined and tweaked over that time, but we’ve always used a blend of four beans.

But that’s just the start. Great beans don’t always equate to great coffee. It’s the passion and skill of the barista, that ultimately defines the results.

So, after an extraction time of 27 seconds, your espresso is ready. It’s what our baristas do with it, that makes Stray’s coffee the best in town. It’s not a complicated process, but it is exact. That’s why we’re still making more coffees in Newark than anyone else!

Our coffee menu is based on the way we believe your coffee is best. Our lattes are milky with only a little foam, our cappuccinos are frothy, verging on being ‘dry’ and are also strong.

That said, if you want to change the way we make your coffee, just let us know. More foam, extra espresso, hotter – whatever you need, let us know when you order. As long as it’s legal, we’ll do it!

ESPRESSO – £1.75/£2.10 // short with an intense flavour, this is the purest way to drink coffee and is the start of every coffee we make, with the exception of filter.
MACCHIATO – £2/£2.50 // We add a dome of frothed milk to a short espresso
ESPRESSO con PANNA – £2.20/£2.60 // A short espresso topped with a dome of whipped cream
CAPPUCCINO – £2.35/£2.80/£3 // Espresso topped with frothed milk and chocolate dust
MELLOW MAT – £2.90 // Named after Stray’s co-founder, this is a strong latte, served in an 8oz cup, made with two espresso shots – according to Mat, it’s the best drink we make! Similar to what some other coffee establishments call a ‘Flat White’.
ROCKET RON – £3.30 // Named after one of our first ever customers, we pour a small layer of foamed milk into a triple espresso in a 12 oz cup. Essentially a hard-core, large flat white!
CAFFE LATTE- £2.35/ £2.80/£3 //  A single espresso with smooth, foamed milk. Add espresso shots to suit your preferred taste.
CAFFE MOCHA – £2.50/£2.90/£3.30 // Is this a chocolate flavoured latte, or a coffee flavoured hot chocolate? We sweeten your Ccffe latte with a shot of Routin™ mocha sauce for this one.

‘Chet’ Bakewell Latte- £3.10/£3.50 // Raspberry & Almond latte
Nutty ‘Norah’ Latte – £3.10/£3.50 // Coconut, Almond & Hazelnut latte
Banoffee Latte – £3.10/£3.50 // Caramel & Banana
Black Forest Mocha – £3.25/£3.75 // Mocha with a shot of black cherry syrup.
Strawberry Creme Mocha – £3.25/£3.75 // Mocha with shots of strawberry and vanilla syrup!

As if they’re not enough, you can always choose from our range of premium syrups to tweak your coffee.

Not all our syrups work in coffee, but we can certainly vouch for the following flavours:

Banana, Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Gingerbread, Cinnamon, Almond or Amaretto!

60p per shot

No less delicious than our fancy coffees, our straight coffees are for the purists among you…

ESPRESSO – £1.75/£2.10 // short with an intense flavour, this is the purest way to drink coffee

ICED LATTE – £2.95 // First, we pour fresh milk over ice. We then drizzle a shot of espresso into that and serve in a frozen glass – clean and intense, yet refreshing.

AMERICANO – £2.30 (1 shot) /£2.60 (2 shots) /£2.90 (3 shots!) // We drizzle espresso over freshly drawn hot water. More intense that filter coffee. Whichever size you choose, the flavour is the same, so do you want 1, 2 or 3 shots of espresso in your system?!

FILTER COFFEE£1.95/£2.30/£2.60 // The unsung hero of the coffee world, our filter uses the same blend of beans as in our espresso, just ground more coarsely and slowly filtered through unbleached paper. The result is a clean but strong coffee – perfect with cream or straight black.

And don’t worry, we brew our filter coffee straight into a flask – so it keeps fresh. We’ve never understood why some establishments use a stove to burn their filter coffee?

Kiddiccino – Baby 75p/Grown up £1 // Cappuccino without the coffee – for the kids!!
Choc Royale- £2.35/£2.70/£2.95 // hot chocolate made using steamed milk , not hot water!
Monster Choc* £4.95 // Choc Royale with Marshmallows, Maltesers™ and whipped cream – almost a meal in itself!!
* subject to availability

TEA – £2.10 per pot/person // Breakfast; Earl Grey; Chamomile; Peppermint; Green; Red Berries; Lemon & Ginger; Decaf or Darjeeling

SOFT DRINKS – served in a frozen glass

Belvoir Organic Pressé/Lemonade – £2.50 // Traditional Lemonade, Elderflower Pressé, Cranberry Pressé or Raspberry Lemonade
Ginger Beer/ Dandelion & Burdock – £2.50
Coke/Diet Coke – £1.80
J2O – £2.50
 // Orange & Passion Fruit/Apple & Mango
Folkingtons Juice- £2.50 // Apple or Orange
Fruit Shoots – £1.10 // Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant or Summer Fruits
Sparkling/Still Mineral Water – £1.95
Italian Soda – £2.50 // We add a shot of Routin syrup to a glass of chilled sparkling mineral water to create this lovely, light, refreshing soda – Choose from: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Mango or Peach…
Fresh Milk – £1.30
Flavoured Milk – £1.95 // Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Coconut, Hazelnut, Almond, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Black Cherry