About Us

Stray’s is a family-owned and run business, established in the heart of Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire.

We first opened our doors back in December 2003, when co-founders and siblings Mat Short and Liz Mack realised that the only way to guarantee a great coffee, was to open their own coffee shop!

Stray’s in Newark grew from 24 seats, serving great coffee and a few treats, to the business you see there today.

Since then, we’ve opened a second shop in Oakham → Rutland, which is enjoying great success already.

We hope this website will go some way to introducing our labour of love to you and hope to see you Stray’ soon.

Reasons to Stray'...

We employ local people

As a town with one of the lowest unemployment figures in the area, we’ve landed some fabulous people in our team. We have a mix of mature staff, long-term and also school leavers, looking to get their first taste of life in the real world of working.

We support local suppliers

Our meats, bread, veg and salad are all supplied by local businesses. Our coffee roasters are based in Nottingham and our main catering suppliers are Lincolnshire-based. So when you buy from us, your money is staying local too.

We pay UK taxes

As a small, privately-owned family business, we pay taxes on the revenue we generate at Stray’s. It’s not funnelled out of the UK to who knows where. So drink your coffee with pride – we don’t make the level of profits like some of the big coffee chains and now you know why!

Meet the team...

You’re going to read this quite a lot on our website, but we believe the key to any and every business is in it’s people.

And here’s the superstar team at Newark:

Why Stray's?

For years, we've never shouted about what we do - we're changing that...

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OK, so maybe our brand isn’t trending on Instagram yet, but in town, we’re the only option for a proper coffee.

Whether you’re a self-confessed coffee snob, or just hate getting a lukewarm cappuccino that looks exactly the same as your neighbours latte, we’ve been doing this consistently well since 2003.

We still have long-standing customers, who’ve resisted the plethora of new coffee shops arriving in town and continue to buy Stray’s coffee, since we opened all that time ago.

We’ve even named coffees after them!

We first opened our doors back in 2003. Since then, we’ve made a lot of coffee for the people of Newark and surrounding area.

Coffee shops have come and gone. Some of the biggest names in the coffee industry are just around the corner. Yet we still continue to thrive.

We see both long-standing customers and Stray’s newbies on a daily basis and, of course, not everyone agrees with the way we do things. Our motto has been to offer things the way we’d like them – those who agree will support our business and those who don’t will move on.

Our aim is to create a community of Raving Fans of Stray’s, in an environment that works for customers and staff alike, not unlike one big family.

Difficult? definitely.

Rewarding? Absolutely!

Mum’s Cakes are the talk of the town…

OK, so maybe not for everyone, but it’s still very gratifying to hear those stifled ‘wow’s as folks look into the cake chiller.

When we first opened, back in 2003, we bought cakes in from a cake company. On passing, Mat & Liz’ mum said “I could make a better carrot cake than that”, to which Mat replied “go on then”.

That first challenge grew into a full pastry kitchen where we now produce a huge range of home-made cakes. From chocolate cakes to the ever-popular fridge biscuit, cheese and chive scones to coconut, lemon and blueberry slice, our regular customers each have their own favourite!

And over the last 18 months, we’ve been honing our gluten and dairy-free recipes to cater for the growing demand, so if you have a gluten intolerance or are coeliac, we may well have a treat for you!

We believe that any business is only as good as the people in it.

As it happens, our business runs because the people who make the decisions, are not theorists – both Mat & Liz still work in the business most days. That means that decisions can be made quickly and are based on an understanding of the business.

Our staff are recruited because they are ‘service oriented’ people. They want to serve and aim to do a great job. Each person on Team Stray’s has a job description and knows what they are here to do. Also, there’s nowhere to hide from Mat, Liz or floor supervisor Jan!

And of course, there’s you, our customer. You complete the vibe here and let’s face it, without you, there would be no business!