Reward Card

Thanks for Stray'ing!

Our Reward Card allows you to collect points for every penny you spend with us. Every £1 you spend is worth 4p in rewards. There’s no minimum spend and you can collect as many points as you like and redeem them when it suits you.

To redeem your points, just tell us when you place your order: ie Let’s say you have £5 worth of rewards and your order comes to a total of £6, you owe us £1! If you have £5 of rewards and your order comes to £4, you can pay in total with your points and still have £1 left on your account.

And don’t worry, if you forget your card, we’ll just do it manually, so you don’t miss out. To see how many points you have, just check the bottom of your receipt, or ask at the counter and we’ll check for you.

Sorry it’s not more complicated…


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  • If you work locally, let us know where and we see if you qualify for our LOCAL BUSINESS DISCOUNT...
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