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MON—FRI: 9pm–5pm
SAT: 9am - 5.30pm
SUN: 11am - 4pm

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Why not try a Suggy's Salad?

Put together by the team at the World Class professional boxing,
kickboxing and MMA gym, here in Newark...




    • Espresso – £1.75/£2 The clean, nutty flavour makes this a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it!!
    • Macchiato – £1.90/£2.40 We add a dome of frothed milk to a short espresso
    • Espresso con panna – £2/£2.50 A short espresso topped with a dome of whipped cream
    • Cappuccino – £2.10*/£2.60/£3 Two shots of espresso topped with frothed milk and a dusting of chocolate. *Single shot in small cappuccino.
    • Mellow Mat – £2.70 Named after Stray’s co-founder, this is a strong latte, served in an 8oz cup, made with two espresso shots – according to Mat, it’s the best drink we make!
    • Rocket Ron – £3.20 Named after one of our first ever customers, we pour a small layer of foamed milk into a triple espresso – not for the faint-hearted!
    • Caffe Latte – £2.10/ £2.60/£3 One shot of espresso topped with foamed milk. Look out for our special latte art! Ask for an extra shot if you like your latte a little stronger.
    • Caffe Mocha – £2.30/£2.75/£3.20 This latte for chocoholics is made with a shot of espresso, a shot of Routin™ mocha sauce , topped with foamed milk.
    • Iced Latte – £2.95 Espresso drizzled over ice. We then add milk, blend it and serve in a frozen glass – nice with an added syrup shot (50p extra)
    • American0 – £2/£2.50/£2.80 We drizzle a shot of espresso over freshly drawn hot water (97°C) giving a clean, fresh taste – served either black or white.
    • Filter Coffee – £1.80/£2.10/£2.60 Made from the same blend of beans as our espresso, just ground more coarsely and filtered slowly through unbleached paper – Again, served black or white…
    Extra shots of espresso available at 50p per shot
    • Kiddiccino – Baby 75p/Grown up £1 Cappuccino for the kids, without the coffee!
    • Hot Choc- £2.25/£2.60/£2.95
    • Monster Choc* £4.95 Choc Royale with Marshmallows, Maltesers™, whipped cream & Belgian chocolate flakes – almost a meal in itself!! * subject to availability
    Customise your favourite coffee/choc drink with a choice of Routin™ syrups including: Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Caramel, Irish Cream, Crème de menthe, Coconut, Hazelnut, Cherry, Mango, Peach – add 50p per syrup shot OR why not try one of our ‘cake/jazz lattes:
    • ‘Chet’ Bakewell – £3/£3.50 Raspberry & Almond Latte
    • Nutty ‘Norah’ – £3/£3.50 Coconut, Almond & Hazelnut Latte
    • Banoffee – £3/£3.50 Caramel & Banana Latte
    • Black Forest Mocha – £3.20/£3.75 Espresso, a shot of choc and a shot of cherry syrup topped with foamed milk – yummy!
    • Choc Orange Mocha – £3.20 / £3.75 Mocha with a shot of orange syrup – niiiiice…

Teas and Soft Drinks

Teas and Soft Drinks

  • TEAS…

    We serve Twinings tea in individual pots per person.
    • English Breakfast
    • Earl Grey
    • Chamomile
    • Peppermint
    • Green
    • Red Berries
    • Lemon & Ginger
    • Decaf Breakfast
    • Darjeeling
    £1.90 per pot/person
  • Sparkling refreshments…
    • Belvoir Organic Pressé/Lemonade – £2.40 Traditional Lemonade, Elderflower Pressé, Cranberry Pressé or Raspberry Lemonade
    • Fentimans Traditional – £2.40 Ginger Beer or Dandelion & Burdock
    • Coke/Diet Coke – £1.70
    Fruit Juices (when available)…
    •  J2O – £2.40 Orange & Passion Fruit/Apple & Mango
    • Folkingtons – £2.40 Apple or Orange
    Still Juices/Water…
    • Ribena (carton) – £1 .10 Original/Lite, Strawberry, Orange or Apple Flavours
    • Sparkling/Still Mineral Water – £1.95
    • Italian Soda – £2.40 We add a shot of Routin syrup to a glass of chilled sparkling mineral water to create this lovely, light, refreshing soda – Choose from: Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Mango or Peach…

    Other soft Drinks…

    • Fresh Milk – 75p/£1.20
    • Flavoured Milk – £1.20/£1.70 Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Coconut, Hazelnut, Almond, Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Black Cherry

Mum's Cakes

Mum's Cakes

  • Not forgetting the talk of the town, Mum’s Cakes!…

    Mum’s cakes were originally made by Mum, but now, we’re so busy, we have a whole team committed to making them, every day! All our cakes are made in our own kitchens – no junk, no additives – just good old fashioned naughtiness!
    Way back when we started Stray’s we used a local cake supplier to provide home-made cakes. In came Mum (MD Jane Oldfield) and said ‘ I could make a better chocolate cake than that” and naturally I replied “go on then!”

    The rest is history – what started out as a few cakes made from her kitchens actually at her home, became our deluxe pastry kitchens upstairs in No.20 Middlegate, with three staff making all the cakes, sausage rolls, scones etc every day…

    To see the full mouth-watering range, just take a walk to our cake display-chiller by the counter when you’re next in, but here are a few of our favourites…

    SPONGE CAKES… Lemon Drizzle // Chocolate Sponge Cake // Coffee & Walnut Gateaux // Toblerone Cake (Chocolate sponge cake covered with melted Toblerone ™) // Victoria Sandwich // Carrot Cake
    FANCY CAKES… Chocolate-cookie cheesecake, Fresh Cream Cheesecakes including: Caribbean (coconut & pineapple), Chocolate Orange, Lemon & Raisin // Lemon Meringue // Pavlova – made with seasonal fruits...
    TRAY BAKES… Fridge Biscuit – chocolate, raisins, syrup, biscuit and glacé cherries Millionaire Slice – shortbread covered with chocolate & caramel Bakewell Slice // Apricot Loaf // Almond Slice // Lemon, Coconut & Blueberry slice //  Flapjack, All-butter shortbread (various)
    Made using Doves Farm gluten free flour and Montezuma’s Organic Dark Chocolate…
    Pecan, Banana & Chocolate Loaf // Chocolate & Raisin Brownie //  Chocolate Roulade // Coconut & Lime layer cake // Sticky Date Slice // Macaroon // White Chocolate Blondie (Chocolate brownie having a blonde moment)





    Served Mon to Fri & Sun – 11am to 3pm // Sat – 11am to 6pm

    Our sandwich fillings are made daily on the premises using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Choose from farmhouse white, Wholemeal, Granary or Gluten-Free bread:

    Home-cooked ham– with:

    • tomato – £4.10
    • green salad & tomato – £4.50
    • wholegrain mustard – £4.10
    • cream cheese and tomato – £4.50
    • cheddar & red onion marmalade – £4.95
    • homemade coleslaw – £4.75on it’s own – £3.95

    Roast beef (Slightly pink) – with:

    • horseradish – £4.95
    • rocket & mustard mayo – £5.10
    • Stilton, rocket and mustard mayo - £6.95

    Oven-baked bacon– with:

    • brie & cranberry – £5.75
    • baby gem lettuce & tomato – £5.50

    Mature Cheddar– with:

    • farmhouse pickle – £3.85
    • red onion – £3.85
    • green salad – £3.95
    • tomato – £3.85
    • just on its own – £3.60
    • fresh coleslaw – £3.95
    • homemade apple chutney – £3.95

    Free-range egg mayo– with:

    • fresh mustard cress – £4.15

    Freshly poached chicken – with:

    • green salad & tomato – £4.95
    • on its own – £4.50

    Prawns & lemon mayo – with:

    • green salad – £5.25
    • avocado – £5.75
    • homemade marie rose sauce – £5.10
    • on its own – £5.10

    Smoked salmon – with:

    • cream cheese, lemon & cracked black pepper- £5.95
    • avocado, basil mayo & cracked black pepper – £6.20

    Tuna steak & mayonnaise – with:

    • cucumber – £5.35
    • green leaves – £5.35
    • cheddar & salad – £5.50
    • on its own – £5.25


    served with a side of crisps
    • Chicken Caesar – £5.50 Chicken breast, baby gem, caesar dressing & fresh parmesan
    • Humous & roasted vegetables with basil – £5.50 Home-made humous with ‘med’ veg & fresh basil mayo
    • Spicy Chicken – £5.50 Sweet chilli chicken with coriander mayo & peppers
    • Chicken Dinner – £5.75 Chicken breast, home-made stuffing and cranberry mayo
    • Beef and Stilton – £6.95 Slightly pink, roasted beef with Stilton, rocket & mustard mayo
    • Coronation Chicken – £5.50 Chicken breast with homemade coronation sauce


    Tell us which sandwich combo you fancy & (if we have the ingredients in the building) we’ll gladly prepare it for you and price it accordingly… Click and Collect here...



  • Served Monday to Friday – 11am to 3pm // Saturday – 11am to 6pm
    Our salads are made-to-order using locally sourced produce wherever possible. If you prefer your salad dressing on the side, please specify.
    • Stray’s ‘House’ Salad – £7.50 with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, chicken, bacon, croutons and honey & mustard dressing
    • Chicken Caesar Salad – £6.95 with cos & iceberg lettuce, chicken, Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan & croutons
    • Greek Salad – £6.95 with cos & iceberg lettuce, feta cheese, olives, med’ veg, cucumber, tomato and lemon dressing
    • Prawn Cocktail Salad – £6.95 with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon, sweetcorn and cress. Served with brown bread and butter
    • Smoked Salmon & Prawn Salad – £7.95 with cos & iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon, sweetcorn, cress and lemon & dill mayo
    • ‘Italian’ Salad – £6.95 Serrano ham with rocket, artichoke, sweet peppers & red onion in a sherry vinegar & honey dressing
    • Suggy's Salad – £8.95 Made in collaboration with those lovely folks at Suggy's Gym, Newark - more →
    If you fancy something a little different, or are just feeling creative, why not make your own salad? OK, so we're not suggesting you roll your sleeves up and come and make your own lunch, but tell us what you fancy and, as long as we have it, we'll make a salad up, just for you. Priced per item, subject to availability.




    • Mixed marinated Spanish olives – £1.95  S 
    • Toasted bocatta bread with home-made alioli – £2.95  S 
    • Marinated olives with toasted bocatta bread and home-made humous – £3.95  S 


    Served with a small fresh salad, home-made alioli and mini toasts
    • Chorizo and honey bites – £6.50  S  with sherry vinegar glaze
    • Crispy Squid – £5.95  S  with lemon & cumin
    • Marinated mushrooms – £5.25  S  with tarragon & orange, glazed with La Peral (Spanish blue) cheese
    • Patatas Bravas – £4.95  S  Fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce
    • Chorizo & white bean stew – £6.95  S 
    • Meat Platter – £8.95  S  Serrano ham, chorizo, toasted bocatta bread and home-made alioli
    • Cheese Platter – £8.95  S  rosemary goats cheese, Manchego, homemade apple chutney, ciabbata bread and quince jam

House Specials

House Specials

  • Prepared to order, our house specials are made-to-order using locally sourced produce wherever possible. Please allow a few minutes extra when ordering from this menu.
    available from 11.30am to 3pm – Mon to Sat
    All our specials are made-to-order using locally sourced produce wherever possible. Our tapas is made using produce from Spain.
    • Stray’s Burger – £8.50  S  a fresh beef & pork mince burger on a soft bun with alioli, cheese and caramelised red onions. Served with our twice-fried chips and creamy coleslaw & salad
    • Golden Scampi – £7.95 with home-made ‘twice-fried’ chips, salad, tartar sauce & lemon
    • Sausage, Chips and peas (or beans) – £6.95 Butchers sausages, home-made chunky chips and garden peas or baked beans
    • Soup of the day – £4.95/£5.95  S  served with a fresh roll & butter (see specials board)
    • Nachos – £5.50 with Cheddar cheese, homemade salsa & jalapeno peppers Or with chilli & cheese – £6.95
    • Penne Pasta – £7.50 with chicken, bacon, parmesan, cream & chive sauce and rocket (or vegetarian option replace chicken & bacon with pesto & med veg)
    • ‘Posh’ Cheese on Toast – £5.50  S  Mature cheddar, cream cheese, chives & mustard on toasted bocatta served with fresh salad Twice-Fried ‘tatties’ – £2.95  S  Served with home-made coriander mayo, alioli or coleslaw. Choose from: chunky chips, Cajun sweet potato wedges or jacket wedges…
  • served from 9am to 11am Mon to Sat
    • Garlic Mushrooms – £3.95   S  Button mushrooms with garlic & chives on granary toast
    • Bacon bap – £3.50   S 
    • Sausage Bap – £3.75   S 
    • Bacon & Sausage Bap – £3.95   S 
    • Bagel with smoked salmon & scrambled egg – £6.70   S 
    • Bagel with scrambled eggs & crispy bacon – £6.50   S 
    • Stray’s Full English – £8.50   S  Sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, bacon, sautéed new potatoes, fried, poached or scrambled egg and a slice of toast.
    The price of your breakfast includes a complimentary pot of tea, or regular cup of filter coffee per person (before 11am)
    Please note – during very busy periods, your breakfast may not be served at the same time as your drinks, unless you are ordering tea, filter coffee or soft drinks. If you wish to have them both at the same time, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.


    • Freshly baked croissant, or pain aux raisin – £1.95  S  Add a regular Filter coffee or pot of tea for £1 when you order a pastry before 11am Mon – Sat