If you’ve never visited Stray’s, you’re missing out – Not just because of our great coffee, cakes and food, but because you won’t meet the great people that make up our truly dynamic team…

What makes our team work so well?

Partly it’s because the owners work in the business, so from the get-go, there’s no theoretical management – it’s all real stuff.

Then, there’s the characteristics we look for in a person – self-motivation; the ability to focus on the task at hand; a keen eye for detail and above all else, the desire to genuinely care about people and look after them.

We don’t just look for previous experience as a must-have. We believe in hiring nice people and teaching any new skills required as we go along – that’s why not all of our Baristas have had previous experience. That way, Mat knows he can start fresh and pull out real potential and nurture it within the team. And what about experienced Baristas? Well, as long as you’re open to self improvement, we’ve got room on the team for you!

That said, experience is also very useful – After 17 years and almost 1,000,000 coffees later, there’s not much Mat can’t show you about making the best coffee possible! All our supervisors have proven themselves and worked their way up their respective ladders!

This is not meant to be a guide to what to write in your CV – rather to let you know that we hire nice people and train them to do all the other stuff, as we don’t believe you can train people to be nice in the first place!

Successful players in the team at Stray’s demonstrate their desire to put customers before themselves – the nature of our business means by definition, it’s often tough work with high pressure. But the rewards are big too. Not least, the fact that 75% of our business is from repeat customers who’ve made coming to Stray’s part of their day. Our staff take pride in their work and are committed to delivering consistent service to everyone in the building.

So before you put pen to paper to paper, (ok, maybe before you start typing) please remember that team Stray’s can only accept new members who strive to be the best – anything else, just wouldn’t be right.

Still here?

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