Why Choose Stray’s?

We’re fanatical about coffee (amongst other things!) but over the last few years, you may have noticed our humble little coffee bar (OK it was little back in 2004) has become a bit of a hub for other things too…

When we asked some of the folks in our team ‘Why do our customers choose Stray’s’ we were surprised by some of the answers and thought we’d share them. But then, being the caffeine-driven creative that I am, it led me to ask the same question of you, our customers.

And naturally, I wouldn’t expect you to do this without offering a free coffee (or tea or soft drink) for your honesty and time. So please submit your comment below to share with the world why you choose Stray’s – and when we publish your comment, we’ll send you a drinks voucher…

  • Gemma – “”

  • Mia – “friendly atmosphere and staff in a laid back environment”

  • Rachael – “really good coffee and nice food – lots of variety and lovely home-made cakes too!”

  • Lynn – “we’re flexible – our opening hours cater for people to make it easy for customers – and if you want something special, we can make it for you”

  • Will – “the best cakes in Newark”

  • Amy – “we’re unique – and we make the best salad dressing ever!”

  • Sally – “Stray’s is different – we have jazz, home-made food with lots of choice and a great atmosphere”

  • Kat – “we’re unique in Newark – good quality product, good reputation and friendly staff with the best Americano in town!”

  • Karen – “we have a focus on customer care and an appreciation for the positive relationships we have built over many years”

But enough from us – tell us why you choose Stray’s by adding a ‘comment’ below.

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